Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Carpenters : Yesterday Once More

The carpenters were a singing duo of the late '60's through the '80's, consisting of Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard. She did most of the vocals, and he did most of the arranging and instruments. 
They had a lot of hit songs, many by composers Paul Williams or Burt Bacharach. Their songs were mostly love songs, fun pop tunes. Karen had a wonderfully rich, low voice that many of us grew up listening to and singing along with. Unfortunately, fame brought some personal problems, such as Richard's drug problem and Karen's eating disorder. 
Sadly, she passed away during the '80's of anorexia, which she had been fighting for years. While many dismiss their music as sappy music, they influenced many important rock and pop groups of today, many of which did an album of Carpenters songs called "If I Were a Carpenter". More story please visit carpenters Official Website,
 Carpenters Gold - 35th Anniversary EditionWe've Only Just Begun(They Long To Be) Close To You

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